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UPDATE: 04/ 20/09

Though it is now out of print, we are able to offer The Myth of Adolescence: Raising Responsible Children in an Irresponsible Society by David Alan Black!

You will either love this book or you will hate it. There is no middle ground. Dr. David Alan Black shatters the most common theories which have shaped our nation and our world for over 100 years. His premise is quite simple: adolescence is a social theory and it is seriously flawed. Dr. Black says the concept of adolescence is relatively new, only about 100 years old. Prior to that, a young person was considered to be an adult by the age of 13.

Further, Dr. Black says that the Bible has nothing to say about adolescence. That's because adolescence is foreign to the Bible. The Bible only speaks about responsibility. When you tkae responsobitlity away from a young person, and put that young person into a twilight zone between childhood and adulthood, grave consequences will result....At what age should a young person be employed? At what age should a young person marry? And what if a young person commits a serious crime? Should he or she face adult penalties for adult crimes?....Find the Biblical answers to these and other questions in this book.

Chapters include:
God's Pattern for Human Growth
Exploding the Myth of Adolescence
The Home Training of Jesus
Jesus and the Age Twelve Transition
Jesus and the Age Thirty Transition
Celebrating Your Own Child's Passage into Adulthood
Expecting Your Teenager to Act Responsibly

Appendices include:
A Mother's Perspective
For Further Reading
Sample Program for Coming of Age Celebration
About the CD-Rom

Price: $18.95 plus $4.50 shipping and handling

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